Event(ful) Virtual Events

Expand audience and reduce costs

Our clients are constantly being dared to find new ways to educate and engage. At Eventful, we love creating virtual environments and live broadcasts. Our dynamic team work closely with our clients to develop digital platforms, engaging content and deliver seamless tailor-made online events. Specialising in virtual conference platforms, live interactive broadcasts, content creation, on-demand content, virtual advisory boards and peer to peer workshops – let Eventful take your Virtual Event to a new dimension.


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Event(ful) Management

Managing your event

We are project managers with an eye for creativity and detail. We understand the importance of your event and we know how to execute. Our event management extends across product launches, roadshows, company meetings, educational meetings, award ceremonies and gala dinners anywhere around the world.

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Event(ful) Meetings

Bringing people together in a forum to share ideas

Conferences and meetings create an environment that bring people together to educate, share ideas and inform. Our responsibility is to identify your needs to bring people together in one place and create and environment that promotes communication and sharing. Our process is to listen, first. Then we create a brief that clearly articulates our clients’ objectives to ensure that we understand each event’s goal completely. Next, we overlay with creative concepts. Finally, we deliver by finding an out-of-the-box idea or venue that will inspire and motivate the attendees.

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Event(ful) Production

Making your event alive

In our constantly changing digital world, it is our responsibility to incorporate the latest technology to bring life to the messaging of the event. Our solutions include large-scale projection, LED screens, projection mapping and holograms. Event production also encompasses staging, theming, entertainment, lighting and audio elements to inspire the audience with memorable visuals.

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Event(ful) Creative

Ensuring a lasting memory

Creativity is part of the lifeblood of Eventful; it’s in our DNA. Every event has its own unique creative identity brought to life by visual and graphic design elements including promotional material, invitations, websites, signage, event collateral, stage design and set design. our event creatives will bring your brand identity and messaging to life. We also provide event content for gala dinners, award nights, product launches, emcees and entertainment.

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Event(ful) Incentives

Rewarding your team

We can create events to inspire, motivate, engage or reward your team. Perhaps a safari in Africa with a few days beachside in Zanzibar, or exploring the Arctic on a private vessel or visiting Macchu Picchu by helicopter. The opportunities in Australia and the Asia Pacific region are just as plentiful. We provide all of the logistical management for these trips and keep a keen eye on the details to reward high achievers.

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Event(ful) Travel

Eliminating travel headaches

We have best-in-class knowledge of travel management. Your customers and staff will have an excellent travel experience because of our depth of knowledge and user experience managing group travel. You can be confident that your attendees will have a seamless and comfortable travel experience. Our attention to detail and thorough processes are embedded in the business and make us flexible and agile enough to efficiently and effectively manage the unexpected in travel. Good travel management and logistics ensure that people come to the event excited and ready to engage.

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