World Aids Day, December 1, Everybody Counts.

This event brought together HIV leaders from across healthcare, community organisations and government, many active from the outset of the AIDS epidemic. Expressing support for people living with HIV, commemorating people who have died and an awareness there is still more to be achieved in HIV medicine and in relation to stigma for people living with HIV.

This World Aids Day event was also the launch of the Eventful produced video series HIV is Just a Part of Me and the accompanying art works. In attendance were the six inspiring individuals interviewed for the project as well as prominent members from the wider HIV community.

Alongside presentations the event provided an opportunity for members of the healthcare community to participate in live Q & A with advocacy bodies, patient groups and keynote speakers.

Global Solidarity, Shared Responsibility.

Eventful, as an LGBTQIA business was proud to produce this event.

Client Feedback

“The eventful team have made us look fantastic once again and have gone above and beyond. Well done and thank you!!!”