Eventful was invited to produce a video series focusing on the lives of six Australians living with HIV. The series was aptly named, HIV is Just a Part of Me.

We brought these stories to life using an artist to paint an image inspired by their life story, resulting in a powerful and heartfelt collection of videos now being viewed globally by the healthcare community and the general public.
As producers, Eventful conducted the interview process and collaborated with the individuals to craft their stories. Our team designed the set, filmed and edited the content, focusing on the heart, emotion and integrity of each of the participants.

A World AIDS Day Event in Sydney, also produced by Eventful, saw the launch of the videos and artworks which have since been displayed at educational symposia and meetings in virtual, hybrid and face to face formats. To complement these Eventful created collateral for additional education and promotional materials, some of which can currently be seen in various pharmacy shop windows across Australia.

Eventful is proud to have brought to life these empowering stories of these inspiring individuals living with HIV.

Client Feedback

“Goosebumps, so powerful! Thank you!”