The HIV Academy came to fruition as a solution to the demise of face to face education during COVID. This innovative series is a personal and dynamic way to deliver on demand medical education to healthcare professionals.

Eventful was thrilled to produce this six-part documentary style series sharing the stories and insights of national and international experts in HIV medicine. To deliver the content we built a custom streaming platform allowing on demand viewing across devices.

Prior to filming Eventful conducted research and interviews exploring the careers of the six experts, spanning catalysts and mentors leading to HIV medicine, HIV specialties and hopes for the future of care for people living with HIV, providing viewers a window into what inspires each expert to provide the best of care for their patients.

COVID imposed travel restrictions required Eventful to oversee remotely the filming of many of the master interviews. We sourced locations and crew nationally and internationally and our shoot director directed many over zoom to ensure the cohesive style and look throughout the project.

We designed a logo and brand that communicates the progression and development of HIV medicine from the dark 1980’s to the current frontier of U = U (undetectable = untransmittable) and included on screen graphics, animation and imagery to elevate the master interviews across the six engaging and inspiring episodes.

We love this project.

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