red-star.pngTim Wearne

Founder and General Manager

What made you passionate about creating Eventful?

I found a passion for events because they encapsulated things I already loved doing: bringing people together, collaborating on ideas, understanding what needs to be achieved and watching it come together. Starting my career in corporate marketing and then moving into events, I learned early on about the logistical management for events and how to look at planning from both the client and the service side.

Why do you still do it after 20 years?

What keeps me going in this business is that there’s an element of theatricality to it all. I’ve always loved theatre and how all of the moving parts come together to make something spectacular. Over the years, I’ve been inspired for many events from set design, lighting, dance performances, and even using theatres as venues themselves

I’m also driven by our relationships and client satisfaction. When clients come to us, they have a need, generally from marketing or something market driven, or some sort of customer engagement and/or access. Our job is to work out how to maximize the potential of delivering on that need. It’s exciting to explore the different opportunities that exist to engage the people the client is trying to reach. My drive is my client’s satisfaction, ultimately. I want to exceed their goals and make them stand out within their company and their field of work.

I love that my clients come back to us. Our clients trust us. I love that clients are confident in our delivery and that we are dependable. Over 95% of our work is from return clients. I couldn’t hope for a better reputation and track record than that. This is a deeply relationship-oriented business. The relationships that our team have with our clients is why our clients keep coming back. It’s the trust that they have that we will get the event right. My team and I know and understand the importance of these relationships and work daily to cultivate and nurture them.

What makes Eventful unique?

The people. We tailor solutions for our clients for each individual event. We get to know your business. We want to have a true partnership with you. We need to delve deeply into your products, customers, history, culture. Ultimately, we have to become an extension of you because we’re communicating with your clients through your event marketing. The only way we can tailor the right solution for them is by understanding the way their business works completely. There is no one-size-fits-all solution at Eventful. It’s this attention to detail and personal investment we make that allows us to hit the mark with our events and take the workload off the client.

What do you think will drive the need for events in the future?

As we become more disconnected and digitized, we’re going to obviously see more and more events happen online. However, when sharing information virtually I think there’s a limitation as people still want to engage interpersonally. People are looking for new and different experiences. Audiences are becoming more sophisticated and we need to create for them an even greater and more dynamic experience. Brand relevance and recognition as we move into this period are also going to be defined by the experiences that the brands themselves provide. This means events of more size, scale, production, and most importantly, technology. Events are more exciting now than they were 20 years ago; virtual technology, AI/AR, etc. are allowing events to develop in ways that we could never have imagined.