red-star.pngJulia Mair

Event Manager

What motivates you to do what you do at Eventful?

The work and the people. At Eventful, I have the opportunity to be involved in a variety of projects from small intimate meetings to large international conferences, so there is always something interesting and challenging. I also love the human aspect of working in events; the contact with clients and, most importantly, being part of an amazing and experienced team that are hard-working yet always maintain a good sense of humour.

What led you to work in events?

I started off in Marketing and PR and got into events through managing event sponsorships and activations. I then realised that planning and executing events were what I enjoyed most.

Can you describe your favourite meeting or event and why is has stuck with you?

One event that will always stick in my memory is a large gala awards dinner that was set in an airport hangar. The logistics and number of stakeholders involved were extremely complex with many challenges to overcome along the way. Seeing it all come life after months of planning and hard work and witnessing the elation on the guests faces as they entered the space was truly unforgettable and made me very proud of what I do.